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Based on conversation with C. Parr Mar. 3/10

EOL transfer documentation is here: [[1]], with a glossary here:

Mx content types should map to the Species Profile Model [[2]]

Preparing EOL files: (includes XML validation)

  • no specimens
  • images are linked to taxa, captions should clearly denote
  • image and object metadata take care of the attribution and licensing of the objects
  • each object can have an unlimited number of "agents" who get credit
  • no ND licenses
  • multiple objects per SPM subject. You just give them different titles (ContentType many2many with SPM)

The xml

  • provide the full url to the MB image file
  • 5 images per species per view per project

To do (mx)

  • add the SPM types as a table or SPM constant
  • add a SPM field to ContentTypes
  • settle on routing for services API /api/eol?
  • write Template#eol returning an XML object as per the "mushroom" example
  • have EOL hit /eol, get a list of available pages, then crawl the other URIs (the typical case is to provide them all on one page)
  • consider formalizing or providing the SPM "content_types" as defaults

To do (config)

  • create the endpoint on your side
  • then you come to the Content Partner Registry ( and register and tell our system where to find the endpoint
  • you can set a harvest frequency in the Content Partner Registry
  • the CPR (Content Partner Registry) is important and you may decide that each project should register itself and have its own export file. That's where all the comments and traffic statistics will be for the objects.
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