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Keywords not only express information about a term in the ontology but some of them are used to define which terms are included in the OBO export file, which terms are candidates for other ontologies (PATO, CL, BSPO), define specific relationships (synonym or obsolete), contain external references (xref), terms under review by particular curators, and many other roles.

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Required Ontology Keywords

These are keywords required for mx OBO export to work properly.

  • Terms included/excluded in OBO export are defined by OBO stopper and OBO inclusion tags. These are defined in the project settings. See [App/proj/edit] for more information.
  • synonyms and obsolete terms are recognized using tags and are included as such in the OBO export.
  • xref tags are applied to include an external reference with a term during OBO export.

Suggested Ontology Keywords

These are keywords useful in creating the Hymenoptera Anatomical Ontology and are only suggested.

  • Keyword to define a term as a candidate for another ontology.
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