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When accessing taxon names by clicking on the corresponding tab (Fig. 6), you will find that the listing is sorted alphabetically with all family-level names first, followed by all genus-level names and last all species-level names sorted by the genus they belong to before epithet.

The fastest way of finding an existing name is to enter it into the blue box with green borders that you find above the listing and then choose from the auto-complete picklist. E.g., if you begin to enter Chalcid, a list of names will appear almost instantly. If you want to see the full record of one of these, you just select it and click the show button. From here you can now view the information or go one step further and edit it.

The first thing you need to do whenever you add a new taxon name, is to make sure its parent, the name immediately above it in the taxonomic hierarchy, already exists. Otherwise you will have to create that name first. There are only a few things that are among the minimum requirements: Taxon name, ICZN-group and the aforementioned parent. The rest can be entered later if need be.

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Fig. 6. Taxon names.
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