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[Matrices] in mx display the intersection of a series of characters and OTUs set to public by the matrix owner.

Overview of functionality

Shows the matirx, one click view for matrix cells, nexus and tnt file export, link to views for tags, characters and OTUs.


  • OTUs (Operational Taxonomic Units) are the taxa being compared.

Navigating the page

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1. Number of OTUs and Characters in the matrix.

2. Click on a matrix cell and the OTU, Character and State information will display above the matrix.

3. Links to other display pages including:

  • characters - a list of characters in the key which link to detailed descriptions of character/character states. Includes images and figures.
  • grid tags - Mx [tags] are combination of a user defined keyword and an "object" (anything with a primary_id, such as an OTU, character, character state, coding, image, collecting event, specimen etc.) in mx. Within a tag an optional linkage to a reference and a custom notes/value field are also available. Tags are great way to group objects within mx, or communicate notes etc.
  • trees - Link to [trees] associated with this public matrix. Mx can store phylogenetic trees. Both Newick formatted strings (a simple text field) and a fully parsed set of nodes are stored in the database. While there is currently minimal functionality for using the parent/child data the system provides a good starting point for those wishing to develop query based methods on trees.

4. Matrices are exported in nexus and tnt formats.

  • save as file - downloads directly to your computer. The other print to the screen. Cut and paste the text and save as a file.

5. Change the size of a matrix display to accommodate any size screen. This functionality is particularly important with larger matrices.

6. Links to the home page and help topics for a page.

7. Click on an OTU in a matrix takes you to a OTU show page.

8. Click on a character takes you to a character show page.

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