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The following sources of funding have directly or indirectly supported the development of mx, or have used it's infrastructure to manage data:

  • NSF DEB-0842289 (Deans)
  • NSF DBI-0847924 (Deans and Wiegmann)
  • NSF DBI-0850223 (Deans and Yoder)
  • Nescent DB Hackathon Workshop (Matt Yoder participant)
  • NSF PEET grant DEB-0730616 (Heraty and Woolley)
  • NSF EF-0341149 TOL grant (Heraty via Sharkey et al.)
  • NSF TOL grant (M. Ramirez and Jonathon Coddington)
  • NSF PEET grant DEB-0328920(Anthony Cognato)
  • NSF PEET grant DEB-0328922 (Dr. Bob Wharton)
  • A Texas A&M Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Graduate Student Travel Grant to Matt Yoder
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