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The schema is available here. See also a Data dictionary and below.

Planned deprecations

  • Type information is now tied through type specimens, not through fields in the TaxonName table.
  • Statements table is legacy and not used.
  • Xyl tables are install-specific and can be ignored.

Planned additions

  • GBIF IPT table for easy 1:1 integration (Spring 2011)

In progress additions/modifications

  • The phenotype cluster is presently (January 2011) in development and will likely evolve slightly in the following weeks
  • The sequence module is being revised slightly (January 2011)- long term plans for the Sequence table is to adopt a GMOD/Chado-esque approach

In Rails

You can also see the full schema used by Rails by dumping it via rake task like so:

 rake db:schema:dump


The figure below highlights some of the connections to the OTU model. not all foreign keys are shown.

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