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Taxonomic names in mx

The taxonomic hierarchy is maintained independently of the OTU list. You need not use the hierarchy at all. OTUs may be tied to taxonomic names. Multiple OTUs can have the same taxonomic name, within, and between projects.


The taxonomic tree is shared through projects. The names you see in a current project can be set (and changed) at any time by following the visibility link from more options. Including the highest level you wish to see names from. When you return to the main tab the list will be populated with the current taxa in that node. You can add multiple names, and will see children from all of them. Internally nested names within the visibility (e.g. selecting Ichneumonoidea when Hymenoptera is already chosen) have no effect, they are ignored.


Permissions to edit the tree are granted by an administrator. They can be set for any node (level), and all the children of that node. To gain permissions to edit or update contact an administrator.

Type information

Type related information should be provided in the form of specimen records. This permits many (e.g. syntype series or paratypes + holotype) records for one taxonomic name. You will need to create a specimen record, and (if you want) tie it to a collecting event, then make that specimen a type of a given name.


I can't see any taxon names on my list, why?

  • See 'more options'-> visibility. Search for and select the current range of taxon names that you'd like to see visible. Multiple names can be added. All children of the name will be added.

I can't add a taxon name, why?

  • Adding and editing taxon names is permitted by adminstrators. Ask your administrator to give you permissions at a particular place in the name hierarchy.
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