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Creating a multiple entry key

Any matrix can be used as a multiple entry key. To create a multiple entry key edit a matrix and click "usable as multiple entry key". That matrix should now show up under multikeys->list. To make a multikey accessible to the public also click "is_public" for a given matrix.

Using a mx multiple entry key

No plugins are required, though you must have javascript enabled (not Java), and the keys have only been extensively tested in Firefox, all other browsers (i.e. IE) will likely have rendering problems. See the guide for notes on usage.

Notes for Developers

the public front end to the multiple entry key code is now available.

To get your keys shown you will need to

  1. change your settings to make the multikey, chr, clave, and public_content controllers public
  2. for public display both bifurcating and multikeys are listed under 'public/clave/list'
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