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Explanation of fields

  • Identifier: If given a barcode of say "NCSU 123456" the identifier is the numeric portion.
  • Namespace: The namespace of the above example is "NCSU", it must be chosen from the list of existing namespaces. Administrators can add new namespaces.
  • OTU: The OTU to which the lot belongs. OTUs like "Unsorted Malaise Sample" can be created if needed, or other generalized OTUs created as needed.
  • The total number of specimens, if known, is summarized as Key Specimens + Value Specimens. "Key" and "Value" can be defined however the researcher feels fit, at minimum one must be greater than zero. For example "Key" specimens might refer to vouchers that the present project will not destroy, while "Value" specimens might refer to those available for destructive sequencing. There are no other special properties of these fields.
  • Collecting Event: Select the collecting event from those presently in the database.
  • Usable for DNA: Yes or no. Typically if the sample is known to work well for one or two specimens it might work well for others.
  • Mixed lot? (spp.): TO BE DEPRECATED. Indicates that more than one species is present in the Lot. This should be indicated by the OTU.
  • Collecting Event Labels: TO BE DEPRECATED. If you are very lazy you can enter the verbatim text of your label here. Note that this is NOT integrated in to the functionality present with collecting events that have been entered on the collecting events tab. You should *not* be using this field.
  • Rarity: An arbitrary value specific to a project.
  • Sex: Sex.
  • Repository: Where the lot resides NOW, not where it will ultimately reside.
  • Notes: Free text, you should likely consider using Tags if you have structured notes.
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