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Contact us / mailing list

The preferred method of contact the mx community with general questions is via the low traffic mailing list.


Required browser

mx REQUIRES Firefox 3 or higher. We make no promises with any other browser, though Safari and Opera should work relatively well. Unfortunately it is very likely that you will see rendering errors using Internet Explorer (any version).


A FAQ is available. Feel free to ask your questions there.

Using mx

The preferred mechanism for providing and building help documentation is through the in-application context-sensitive help links. Those help documents are stored on this wiki. Context sensitive help is available by clicking on the orange wiki-help links (this one takes you to the summary page). Orange links within the wiki resolve to these application-tied help pages. Users are encouraged to modify the wiki help pages with questions, or actual help/insights.



Guides are intended to link workflows or tasks that span some greater set of the functionality of mx.

  • A short guide to ontology management in mx can be found here. More information about the Hymenoptera Anatomical Ontology development can be found on the Hymenoptera Ontology Wiki


  • ...

Developer help

Find tricks on coding for mx, etc. here.

Help on using this wiki

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