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Box 1. MorphBank: Biological image databasing @ [MorphBank] is an open web repository of images serving the biological research community. It is currently being used to document specimens in natural history collections, to voucher DNA sequence data, and to share research results in disciplines such as taxonomy, morphometrics, comparative anatomy, and phylogenetics. MorphBank can serve as a virtual reference collection of named organisms or a resource for comparative morphological study; new use cases are continuously added. Each image in the database is associated with fully searchable text information, and images can be downloaded in several different formats. MorphBank is open to any biologist interested in storing and sharing digital images of organisms. A major advantage of MorphBank is that images and data associated with them are maintained in a system based on open standards and free software, facilitating the development of tools for image uploading, retrieval, annotation, and related tasks. The MorphBank team is currently working on a range of such tools. The MorphBank team is also working together with other developers on connecting their software to the MorphBanksystem. Any image submitted to MorphBank is meant to eventually become available free for non-commercial use. There is a suggested maximum time-limit of five years during which you can chose to either keep the image to yourself or share it with other users via groups such as the HymAToL group.
As of writing there are 57,687 images in MorphBank, of which 10,708 are of Hymenoptera. Each image, or collection of images, have their own unique ID which can be used for permanent links from another source such as a publication or mx. You can also link directly to actual image files, such as a jpgformat thumbnail or a fullscale TIFF. This last option is what can be used in mx. Note, however, that any such image used for our project has to be available for everyone directly from MorphBank; either by being fully published or belonging to a group accessible by all the chalcid project members.
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