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mx is coded by Matt Yoder, Krishna Dole (retired), Katja Seltmann and with help from Andy Deans. Johan Lijleblad has provided documentation and much useful feedback. Many others, in particular the Wharton (TAMU), Cognato (MSU), Deans (NCSU), and Heraty (UCR) labs have provided valuable feedback. We are very open to having others join us.

There is no formal means of citing mx, you might use something like this:

 Yoder, M.J., Dole, K., Seltmann, K., and Deans, A. 2006-Present. Mx, a collaborative web based
   content management for biological systematists.

Various previous projects influenced the development of mx, in particular:

  • The table structure for specimens and collecting event related data is loosely based on the TAMUIC insect collection's database programmed by Yoder and Oswald. That database was in turn loosely based on a very early draft (pre 1998) of the Specify table structure.
  • Some of the tables containing matrix related data are based on Yoder's early MS Access database mtrx, which was greatly simplified from Gregor Hagedorn's software Delta Access (apparently no longer available on-line, but see here).
  • We presently have some tables that have not been developed (i.e. we have no working front end) that are very loosely based on the Metacanthomorpha database.
  • There are a various Open source plugins/widgets used in mx
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