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Steps to update developers versions of mx from rails 1.2.6 to 2.02

working on a mac 10.4. just the steps listed as I go through them to update. seems the errors I was getting requiring fixes do not always happen when trying to update. Includes the steps Matt emailed on Feb. 29th. You may not need to sudo every step

Basic Steps

Try these first, in order, type:

 sudo gem update --system
 sudo gem install rails --include-dependencies  # will update to rails 2.02
 sudo gem install mysql                         # 2.02 comes without adapters, this installs the one for mysql
 sudo gem cleanup

You might want to run the last command several times, if you have older gems listed (see 'gem list below).

Problem: uninitialized constant Gem::GemRunner (NameError)

you will likely NOT have to do this but just in case you run into the same error this is what I did.

  * sudo gem install mysql resulted in the error uninitialized constant Gem::GemRunner (NameError)
  * had to add this line require 'rubygems/gem_runner' to my gem file before could run the command to do this
     * first  type cd /usr/bin/ or the path your gem is installed could be /usr/local/bin/
     * sudo emacs gem  Type the line so the file looks like the image below, then type ctrl-x ctrl-c to exit emacs. 
Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination

You are modifying a file that is usually write protected. Just a warning. Type man emacs in the command line for more hints.

     * then continued with Step 3 above.

Problem: gem list finds missing gems

if you type

   gem list 

should produce a list like like this:

  *** LOCAL GEMS ***
  actionmailer (2.0.2)
  actionpack (2.0.2)
  actionwebservice (1.2.6)
  activerecord (2.0.2)
  activeresource (2.0.2)
  activesupport (2.0.2)
  gem_plugin (0.2.3)
  mysql (2.7.3)
  rails (2.0.2)
  rake (0.8.1)
  RedCloth (3.0.4)
  ruby-debug (0.10.0)
  ruby-debug-base (0.10.0)
  rubygems-update (1.0.1)
  sources (0.0.1)

I was missing ruby-debug and gem_plugin so installed those:

 sudo gem install ruby-debug


sudo gem install gem_plugin
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