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This section is treated before the characters since you need to submit images here (or to MorphBank) before they are available to illustrate characters and states within MX. For now, all you need to know is about the default images subsection you see when clicking on the Images tab.

The default view shows a list of images in thumbnail format, sorted by ID# (Fig. 9). The first one is smaller because it is linked from MorphBank (see Box 1) while the other three are stored within MX. Simply click on a thumbnail to view details or click the edit description, edit or delete links depending upon what you want to do. I am here assuming that uploading new images will mostly be with the primary purpose of illustrating a character or a character state. If you want to add in arrows like in the example images in figure 9 you have to do so before uploading the image. Also, if you keep the image size down and save it to a compressed format like jpeg, pages with the illustrated characters will load faster than if you use full size SEM’s like TIFF-files. You can see an example of a filled out page (Fig. 10) after you have clicked the New image link in figure 9. There OTU here but you need for the taxon name to already exist. In case you want to use an image that does not belong to any particular (or single) OTU there is nothing inherently stopping you from creating a dummy OTU for these.

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Fig. 9. Images.
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Fig. 10. New mx image.
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