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These two subjects are somewhat connected since you need to export data in order to work off-line. The first thing that comes to mind may be exporting the finished matrix for phylogenetic analyses in software like PAUP and TNT. While working with any matrix you simply click on either NEXUS or TNT to view the corresponding file format as text on a page. Copy this text, paste into a simple text document and save with a suitable name and you are done. For the TNT format there is even an option for saving to a text file directly.

To enable coding off-line we suggest either printing the matrix while in grid coding view or, alternatively, exporting and printing, e.g. the NEXUS file format using Mesquite. You can of course also code directly into the application of your choice that can handle any of the NEXUS and TNT formats.

For off-line access to character and state descriptions you go to Characters –> Character groups. First you choose a group of characters and then click show detailed (Fig. 25). Either you simply print the resulting page (Fig. 26) or, if you have access to a laptop while off-line, save it for off-line viewing. Access Save Page As... from the File menu and save to someplace you will remember, using the option Web Page, complete. Firefox will create an html-file and a folder with content files. When later off-line, you just open the html-file in Firefox again (most other browsers should work fine as well). Alternatively you could print to a pdf and use that single file for off-line purposes.

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Fig. 25. A character group.
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Fig. 26. Detailed character list.
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