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Format to upload

Use a tab delimited text file.

Mac, Windows or UNIX line breaks are all fine.


Use one name per line.

Columns are name (required), author, year. In name, include only the epithet of the level you want to add (e.g. if you include species name, the "parent" field will provide the genus, and so on. Also be sure that there are no white spaces before or after the cell content.

Results will display after loading and you will be asked to confirm before they are incorporated to your tables. During confirmation individual names can be omitted or updated by checking/unchecking boxes. It is good practice to verify if there is the same number of names in your file and in this screen (this can be done later, too, in the parent taxon "show" screen, "children taxa" box).

Only one parent taxon can be specified, e.g., you need to do a separate batch load of species for each genus.

Duplicate names (matching name only) under the same parent will not be added, you can do this manually, though.


If there is no year specified, and one adds a reference, MX will use the reference year to produce the displayed name. However, if a different year is provided, it overrides the reference.


One can add parentheses to (author, year):

A) Automatically in the batch load: by including them around the (author) (NB. not the year). Note that author is a free text (not linked to the "authors" table, so one is not creating (Author) and Author as separate entries.


B) Load name, then edit and provide a original genus name that is different from the current parent.

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