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Adding References

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Adding reference is fairly intuitive. The 'serial' text box will autofind the journal's name for you. Don't see the journal you need? You can add it by clicking the 'Serials' link at the top. If you have a question about any of the fields roll your mouse over it. A pop-up title will give you some hints. More details on adding references are below.


Pdfs can be associated with given reference. When creating or editing a reference simply browse for and choose a pdf on the 'Attach a pdf' field. Links to the pdf will show up in the list, and in various other places

On Authors

An author will be rendered (by mx) something like this: ‘Yoder, M. J.’. The data for this rendering can look like this:

last name first name initials
Yoder Matthew J
Yoder MJ bad, but will render ok
Yoder M J
Yoder Matthew Jon Somewhat bad, but will render correctly. Is a way to include the full text of a middle name(s) and multiple first names.

This type of data should be avoided, and in the future will not be allowed:

last name first name initials why
Yoder, M.
Yoder M.J.
Yoder Matthew J.
Yoder Matthew J. data ok, punctuation bad
Yoder Matthew Jon M. J.
  • Authors are added to references according to 1) their order of addition, which is overwritten by 2) their position number if given.
  • To add multiple authors to a reference first create the reference with a single (the first) author. After creating the record edit it and you will be presented with another blank set of author fields. Enter the next author and click update…repeat.

Overview of fields

Not all fields are listed, (i.e. DOI/pdf links etc. are not here).

year the year
year_letter if you want to keep manual track of the year letter you can use this field, enter only the letter, not the year
ref_type chosen from a dropdown, if in doubt choose Journal Article
title No punctuation or capitalization beyond the first word
volume no punctuation
issue or number, no punctuation
pg_start a number, no punctuation
pg_end a number, no punctuation
pages used only if starting page is empty, otherwise ignored, for things like 72a-194ii

Non- journal (serial) specific fields

date of publication
book_title the book title
city city of publication
publisher publisher
institution publishing institution
full_citation use ONLY if primary fields not filled, will be displayed if no author or year or title is given

Comments on specific reference types

Conference Proceedings

The title of the talk goes in the title field, and the name of the conference goes under book title.


A list of serials is shared among all projects. Serials are tied to references by the blue drop down.

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