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Mx now supports a fairly broad range of fields for references such that users should be able to maintain a personal reference list in mx. Reference records are shared across projects as well. This becomes very handy when others have entered sets of references that are largely congruent with yours. Functionality also exists to merge synonymous references while maintaining referential integrity.


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Here is the big list of references already in the database. Start typing into the search box to see if your reference is in there yet. You can start typing anything - from 'last name', 'year', 'title', etc. - and it will be searched.

Adding new References

Information about how to add new references and definitions of fields are found in App/ref/new

Merging duplicate references

Information about how to merge duplicate references is found in App/ref/show

Sharing References

All references entered into mx are available to any project; you just have to add them to your list (click 'add refs from another project').

What happens when someone in another project edits one of my references?

You will get an email notification describing the changes.

Problems with PDF upload

Firefox has known problems with mimetypes. See the FAQ for how to reset your browser so that it properly recognizes pdfs.

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