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Updating/regenerating IPT/GBIF records

  • If the total number of specimen and lot records is less than a cutoff (currently 500 of each) a 'Rebuild records' link is available. If the number of records is greater than the cutoff ipt records must be generated at the project level.
  • Clicking the "Rebuild records' link will attempt to generate corresponding records in the ipt_records table. A status message is returned.
  • There are several possible reasons a record can fail to be built:
    1. The associated OTU is not tied to a taxon name.
    2. The specimen or lot is no tied to collecting event.
    3. The specimen or lot does not have at least one identifier.
    4. The project does not have a default institution/repository set
    5. The project does not have a collection code set.
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