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Editing content

On this page you can edit text for the text content types (see here for creating new content types) that have been created for the project. Those content types that are present in the selected template are shown.

Figuring content

After some text has been saved to a content type category that content can then be figured. Links to the figure popup will appear in the Add figures for: box. At this point built in content types can not be figured.

Formatting text content

Text can be marked up using textile/RedCloth markup format. For example __this text__ will be italicized, and *this text* will be bold. See the link for additional markup types.

Custom Markup

Several types of built in markup are also possible:

  1. <ref id="1234">Smith, 2000</ref> - hyperlinks to a reference in mx
  2. <otu id="1234">_Aus bus_</otu> - hyperlinks to another OTU page in mx
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