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Data in mx are primarily tied to OTUs, which in turn are linked into a taxonomic names hierarchy. The names are individually used in different contexts (e.g. in public a manuscript name won't be shown, in matrices the matrix name will be used if provided, etc.). In mx these names are often displayed together and can be identified by their colour:

 black name (comes from the link to a taxon name)
 blue name  (comes from the OTU 'name' field)
 green name  (comes from the OTU 'matrix name' field)
 red name  (comes from the OTU 'manuscript name' field)

This system allows you to create OTUs in the absence of a taxonomic name hierarchy if needed, and it allows any naming convention to be used (e.g. lab codes, etc.). Some general guidelines/considerations are useful in practice:

  1. If you a) have a taxonomic name hierarchy and b) want to represent a 1:1 match of concept to name then simply select the appropriate taxonomic name and do not provide a OTU name
  2. If you don't have a 1:1 match, or want to include multiple concepts for a given name identify your OTUs to the finest level within the taxonomic hierarchy by choosing a the closest taxon name, then repeat the working name as an OTU name. Your name might then look like this: Aus Aus sp23.
  3. While it is not necessary to tie an OTU to the taxonomic hierarchy you can benefit from doing so as some data (e.g. content) are organized by this hierarchy
  4. While anything is permitted names should not typically formed like Aus bus bur rather like this: Aus Aus bus, i.e. include the redundancy in the OTU name. Remember you are not reading the name across from left to right, you're reading up to 4 different names concatenated for display purposes. Components of that concatenation are shown individually in their respective places.
  5. In collaborative labs it's useful to fill in the Sensu/concept field so as to keep OTUs distinguishable by something other than IDs
  6. Consider making ample use of OTU groups as you create OTUs

OTU Application help

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App/otu/newApp/otu/showApp/otu/show codings
App/otu/show compare contentApp/otu/show contentApp/otu/show material
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