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A namespace serves as space in which all the following identifiers are intended to (globally) identify unique things. The namespace plus identifier should be unique for all of the instances of the class the namespace is attached to. For example namespaces are used when barcodes are created where the barcode might be "AEI 0102312". Here AEI is the namespace, and we expect no more than one "specimen" to ever be identified with 012312. Identifiers in mx are used not just for specimens but for other things that must be uniquely identified as well (e.g. for DOIs).

Creating, editing, deleting Namespaces

You must be an administrator to create, update, or delete Namespaces. Navigate to the administrator field, then click the namespace link.


  • Name - A human readable description of the Namespace
  • Short Name/Collection Code - The namespace itself. No spaces or quotes are allowed.
  • Owner - In general, the person or institution responsible for the minting of the Namespace, i.e. the person who ensures that these identifiers are in fact unique.
  • Is admin/internal use only? - Some namespaces are used for importing data. By choosing this option the namespace will not be available int he dropdowns in the application.
  • Notes - Be verbose, explain exactly what this namespace does/is meant to do.
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