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Description of links/functionality


  • simple - Creates a new matrix with all characters and OTUs in the present matrix added as individuals (not groups). Useful for complexly composed matrices. Remember codings are not duplicated, a matrix is just a view.


  • character group - Creates a new character group and populates it with the characters in the present matrix.
  • OTU group - As for character group.
  • concensus OTU - Creates a new OTU, and adds it to the present matrix. The OTU is coded with all states in the present OTU. Useful for summarizing the present codings.
  • document #s for characters - !!CAREFUL!! For each character in the matrix the document character code is overwritten (a number) with the present position of the character in this matrix. Useful for generating character descriptions for publication.


  • unused character states - Finds all character states implied to be present in the current matrix and reports those that are presently not coded. Remember that other matrices may be using these states.
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