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The best place to find information on matrix construction is through the guide.


  • How do I remove an OTU from the matrix?

If an OTU is in the matrix then it is either in the OTU+ list or in an OTU group that is in the OTU groups list.

    • If it is only in the OTU group, then removing it from that group will remove it from the matrix.
    • If it is only in the OTU+ list then clicking the x besides that OTU in the list will remove it from the matrix.
    • If it is in both then you can do both of the above OR add the OTU to the OTU- list.
    • Adding an OTU to the OTU- list will prevent that OTU from being added to the matrix through being a member of the OTU+ list or an OTU in an OTU group that has been added to the matrix.
  • How can I tag a cell?
    • At present the cell must first be coded. In grid coding mode click on that cell. From there, near the bottom where figures show, should be a tag link. Use that. Also- you may use OTU->show->codings, and tag the coding from there.
  • Why doesn’t one-click coding work?
    • We know of a small issue that occurs when characters have not been sorted prior to one-click coding. To correct this problem use the ‘Sort characters’ link at the top of the ‘Characters’ page for the given matrix. After doing this one-click coding should work.
  • How do I add more than one character to my matrix at once?
    • Make a character group, add the characters you want to that group. You can add characters to as many different groups as you want. When you click on characters, in the Group column, select that group.
  • If I delete my matrix what happens to my codings?
    • Nothing. Matrices in mx can be thought of as views. Deleting a matrix simply means deleting a view of your coded characters. To delete a coding unselect all the character states for that coding. Deleting an OTU or character or character state will also delete all codings for that OTU/character.
  • How can I select more than one character at a time?
    • At present the only way to do this is to use character groups.
  • How do I unselect a character?
    • Click on the x beside that character, it will be deleted from the matrix (but remember the character remains coded!).
  • Currently it is possible to have one character both added and removed, but it’s not in the resulting matrix, what’s going on here?
    • See description above. Remember that characters are added to matrices in two steps. First, all possible characters are added to the matrix (from individual additions and groups, with duplicates only returned once), THEN -characters are removed from the matrix. A -character overrides any addition. While a tricky concept, this allows you to do things like add number of characters by choosing a character group then removing one or a few characters from your matrix using -character while not changing the content of your character groups.
  • What’s the best way to merge two states of a characters so it gets recoded accordingly for all taxa?
    • You can use the merge character states function. This will merge all states coded with one of the two merged states into a single state.
  • How do I change the rank of characters in their listing?
    • Show all your characters, from there you can sort them.
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