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There are many ways to add images to an mx project. You can either upload them directly to mx or link from morphbank.

  * A short video 
  showing one process from uploading an image to morphbank 
 (with a defined view id and specimen id) to inserting that record into mx.

   Image Magick (used to convert images to muliple sizes used throught mx and morphbank) cannot handle
   greyscale tiff images.  It will make these images negative.  Prior to uploading you can 
   batch convert your greyscale tifs to rgb in Photoshop following this protocol:

Batch Conversion of Grayscale Tiffs to RGB using Photoshop:

1. Place all the images to be converted in a folder on your desktop.

2. Open Photoshop and choose one image from the folder to change. 3. Find the Action Palette. This palette should be on the lower right and say Actions. If you still do not see it go to Window in the top menu and the Action Palette will be an option on the dropdown menu.

4. At the bottom of the action palette, there are a series of icons including a stop and record button and an icon that looks like a box in a box. Click on the create new action icon. (looks like a box within a box)

5. Open New Actions dialogue box. Choose a name for the action, something like GrayscaletoRGB. Then click Record.

6. Convert the single image will convert to RGB. Go to Image from the main menu, from the dropdown menu go to Mode. On the Mode menu you will see that there is a checkmark next to Grayscale. Click on RGB Color. The image is converted to RGB.

7. On the action palette click the stop button. This Action has been recorded.

8. Change all the files in your folder. Go to File at the top menu. On the dropdown menu go to Automate, from the next menu choose Batch.

9. In the Batch dialogue box, with the Set dropdown box on Default Actions, choose the GrayscaletoRGB from the Action dropdown box. For Source choose the folder with the images from your desktop. For Destination you can make another folder on your desktop and put them there or choose to Save and Close overwriting the images in the folder. Then click OK.

10. The action may take some time depending on the amount of images to change.

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