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Description of fields available for new collecting event tab.


Geographical information fields

  • Geography / Finest Geography: Write or pick up from the list the closest geographical unit. Note that it goes down to county for USA localities and state/province for most other countries. This is intentional, cities and precise information about the site is being indicated in "locality".
  • Locality: Indication of the site of collection, for example "10 miles N of 'X'"
  • Latitude, longitude, lat/lon error: enter the geographical coordinates for the locality, in decimal degrees. Note that western longitudes (e.g. USA), and southern latitudes (e.g. Australia) are negative.
  • Verbatim coordinates: enter latitude and longitude as written on the label. Useful field if it follows a different notation than the indicated above. Also, one can indicate (check b box) if geographical coordinates are undeterminable.
  • Elevation: enter altitude information for collection site.

Collection information fields

  • Start Date, End Date: enter date or time interval of collection
  • Collector(s): enter name of the collectors
  • Method: enter method of collection, for example "sweeping", "malaise trap", etc.
  • Verbatim collecting method: enter if collecting method is written differently in the label, abbreviated etc. (ex. "FIT" for flight interception trap)
  • Host genus / species: enter host information if available
  • Trip Code: use if trip or collecting event is also recorded in another control sheet or database
  • Namespace: selecting a namespace facilitates tracking the trip code by 'owner'


  • Errors: check boxes for different types of errors that might be detected when entering label information:
    • Error in data entry (label/data was incorrectly entered)
    • Error due to label (nothing can be done)
    • Error checked (whatever appears to be an error, isn't)
    • Undeterminable finest geography (can't determine a geographic unit for this collecting event)
  • Notes

Label-related fields

  • Number to Print
  • Verbatim Label: label as received (line breaks are read)
  • Print Label: label as desired to be printed (line breaks are read)
  • Document label
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